AOA House of Delegates:

WAOPS passionately represents the interests of Wisconsin's Osteopathic Physicians at the AOA House of Delegates (HOD). Hundreds of delegates from across the country descend annually in Chicago to deliberate on the issues that define the agenda and official opinion of the Osteopathic profession.

Wisconsin State Legislature:

WAOPS actively engages our state legislators on issues of importance for Osteopathic Physicians in Wisconsin. In addition WAOPS is routinely asked by legislators to guide or educate them on matters that affect Osteopathic Physicians and our patients.

Epinephrine Access & Training Program:

WAOPS, in partnership with the Dillon Mueller Memorial Fund, oversees a state-approved Anaphylaxis Training Program. This one-hour training program allows a trained community member to carry epinephrine and administer for someone in need before help can arrive.