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WAOPS Member Spotlight - Devanshi Patel

At the beginning of August, Devanshi was selected to serve as the AOA Student Advisor on their Board of Trustees. This was largely due to the recommendation of her name given by National SOMA. From this new position, the AOA gave Devanshi the opportunity to be the facilitator for the DEI panel at the AOA OMED conference in Orlando, Florida. This gave her the chance to venture outside of her comfort zone and engage in a topic that directly affects patient care and others. Devanshi's role as a facilitator included introducing the four panelists and explaining their background with DEI initiatives, asking the panelists questions, taking questions from the audience, all while effectively managing the time allotted for this session. 

The questions in the session revolved around recent legislation related to DEI that has been enacted and the effect on healthcare in various states, and how that legislation will affect where physicians choose to practice in the future. The panelists also spoke about their own personal and professional experiences on the effect of the legislative actions on their patient-physician relationship. Lastly, they explained various ways in which the AOA, AOA affiliates, COMs, and students can be more involved in DEI to create a better impact for the future. 

Congratulations Devanshi on moderating such an interesting national session! We are proud to have you as a part of WAOPS.

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Chris Kordick, DO

On behalf of the American Osteopathic Foundation's (AOF) Board of Directors, Dr. Kordick, WAOPS Treasurer, was recognized as a 2023 AOF State Emerging Leader! Nominated by state peers, AOF's State Emerging Leader Award recipients are recognized as new physicians in practice within the Osteopathic profession who lead their peers through exceptional service to others and an ongoing commitment to patient-centered care. These exceptional individuals fully embody Osteopathic tenets and principles, are dedicated to community service, and exhibit a deeply philanthropic spirit.

The 2023 AOF State Emerging Leader award is being given in recognition of Dr. Kordick's exemplary work, demonstrated leadership, significant impact he is having on those he serves, as well as his passion for, and unwavering commitment to, the Osteopathic profession. 

As part of his recognition, all 2023 AOF State Emerging Leader Award recipients will be featured in an upcoming edition of US News & World Report's Best Hospitals Guidebook. 

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Jordan Paluch, OMS III

The AOA's Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OPAC) awarded their James M. Lally, DO, Student Scholarship to WAOPS' very own Jordan Paluch!

This scholarship is awarded to the most politically active OPAC student member. Jordan has been incredibly active in Dillion's Law through her WAOPS Committee involvement and it is great to see her involvement and hard work recognized.

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Tony Thrasher, DO

Please join us in congratulating our WAOPS President for receiving a 2023 National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Exemplary Psychiatrist Award! This award is given to psychiatrists noteworthy for going the extra mile and who have made substantial contributions to NAMI Affiliate, NAMI State Organization, or national NAMI activities.

Award winners are recognized for their advocacy for access to care and research funding, community education programs, or other NAMI priorities. Winners have also provided comprehensive treatment to people with mental illness including medical, rehabilitative and social needs or have taken the time to educate people whose lives are affected by mental illness.

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Alexandra Wolf, DO 

Dr. Alexandra Wolf, a WAOPS member and a speaker at the Spring 2022 Conference, was recognized by the American Osteopathic Foundation as a 2022 State Emerging Leader. Nominated by state peers, AOF’s State Emerging Leader Award recipients are recognized as new physicians in practice within the Osteopathic profession who lead their peers through exceptional service to others and an ongoing commitment to patient‐centered care. These exceptional individuals provide fully embody Osteopathic tenets and principles, are dedicated to community service, and exhibit a deeply philanthropic spirit. 

The award was given in recognition of Dr. Wolf's exemplary work, her demonstrated leadership, the significant impact she has on those she serves, as well as her passion for, and unwavering commitment to, the osteopathic profession.

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Ann Marie Gierl, DO
Submitted by Tiffany Gulinson, DO

I had the fortune to sit next to Ann Marie Gierl at our November conference and discovered what a pioneer she has been for women in the field of medicine as well as for osteopathy. While talking with her, she mentioned that when she went to medical school in the 1980s, it was uncommon for women to even go to med school. She became a DO – and chose to pursue rheumatology which was virtually unheard of! She told me a story about trying to do a student rotation at a very prestigious and well-known clinic - they told her not to bother applying since she was a DO and they didn’t accept DOs. Ann Marie completed her fellowship at Cleveland Clinic around 1990. When she was starting to work with her first partners, the two established doctors had to convince the hospital to let her have privileges since she was a DO. As we were talking about her huge accomplishments, I was struck by how humble Ann Marie is about it all. I’m not sure that she realizes the huge impact she has had as a woman in rheumatology and in osteopathic medicine. Because she was strong to walk the path, so many of us who followed her have benefitted.

Ann Marie is a Wisconsin native who has practiced rheumatology in the Fox Valley for over 30 years. She lives in Appleton where she enjoys community activities, gardening, and reading. She loves being outdoors walking, biking or cross-country skiing. She and her husband have two adult sons.

WAOPS Member Spotlight - Sumeet Goel, DO

Sumeet Goel, DO has been an active and longtime member of WAOPS since his arrival in 2013 to Wisconsin as a new physician. This past month he was awarded the Fellow Award from the ACOFP which acknowledges service to the organization and to the osteopathic profession! He is the fourth ACOFP fellow in Wisconsin.

Dr. Goel has been integrative in helping WAOPS grow since becoming a board member in 2015 and serving as the Executive Director from 2017-2020. He is currently serving as the only family physician and one of only two osteopathic physicians on the Wisconsin Medical Board. Through all of his endevors, he continues to mentor medical students in his clinical practice and is a resource for WAOPS whenever needed.

Join all of us at WAOPS in congratulating Dr. Goel on this amazing accomplishment!

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