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The purpose of the Wisconsin Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons is to enhance the commitment of practicing osteopathic physicians and surgeons in Wisconsin to stay current of information and advancements in the dynamic practice of modern techniques, to maintain the highest medical and ethical standards, and ultimately to optimize service and care to our patients. This is encouraged by our members and promoted by our educational and informative process.

Member Benefits

Member participation and engagement are key factors in the success of our organization as we work with other health professional organizations along with stakeholders to advance the interests of our specialty. As a member of WAOPS you will not only help to advance our practices but you will also have the opportunity to:

·        Enhance the science and practice of DOs in the State of Wisconsin

·        Connect and network with other DO professionals in Wisconsin

·        Participate in WI Doctor Day

·        Receive discounts on WAOPS Events such as the WAOPS Spring and Fall Conferences and new programs

·        Participate in meetings for the exchange of scientific information

·        Access to members only portion of website

·        Receive updates in Health News as it relates to advocacy, legislative activity, procedures, and other issues we face as DOs

·        Help share in the future of DOs!

Our success depends on you. Your membership and input will help grow WAOPS in its capacity to represent DO professionals and demonstrate a commitment to quality care. WAOPS continues to work towards advancing the field of DOs in Wisconsin through educational opportunities, creating a professional network, and the sharing of scientific information - and we invite you to join us.

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