Epinephrine Certification Program:

WAOPS helped create Wisconsin's new "Dillon's Law"

"This is unbelievable! We would like to thank all of you at WAOPS for all that you do!" - Angel Mueller

In February 2015, at the age of 18, Dillon Mueller suffered an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. First Responders promptly arrived at the scene but they did not carry epinephrine and Dillon died later that day.

Since that day George & Angel Mueller, parents of Dillon, have worked tirelessly to make epinephrine more available to the public and save lives for people like Dillon. After partnering with WAOPS their efforts turned into reality in 2017 when "Dillon's Law" was unanimously approved by the Wisconsin Senate and later signed into law by Governor Walker. It is the first law in the country that allows an individual who is certified in an approved anaphylaxis training program to obtain a prescription for an epinephrine auto-injector to carry for appropriate administration to a fellow community member in need.

WAOPS is currently working with the Muellers to try to make this law become reality in other states. The program has received national attention and has also received support from the AOA.

In Wisconsin WAOPS offers a state approved Anaphylaxis Training Program. The presentation was developed with the help of Dave Murack, Assistant Chief who was an on-site paramedic during Dillon's resuscitation efforts. The training program is unlike other efforts across the country as it includes didactic education, hands-on skills training, and prescription availability.

WAOPS views this project as serving a key part of our core mission - to use our influence to help maximize the health of our communities. Dillon's law and the anaphylaxis training program fits into that perfectly.

WAOPS Represents Wisconsin at AOA Annual House of Delegates Meeting:

WAOPS sends six Osteopathic Physicians annually to represent the interests of Wisconsin DOs at the annual AOA House of Delegates (HOD) Meeting. Over 400 delegates from across the country travel annually to this meeting in Chicago to represent their states. The decisions reached ultimately define the agenda and official opinion of the Osteopathic profession.

WAOPS is actively engaged on several matters and activities each year. In the past WAOPS has helped spearhead resolutions regarding CME Requirements and passed a resolution emphasizing the importance of epinephrine availability.

We look forward to representing our Wisconsin colleagues at this years meeting.