Board of Trustees

Catherine Nelson, D.O.; President

Lucas Hammell, D.O.; Past President

Tony Thrasher, D.O.; President Elect

Amy Ewan, D.O.; Treasurer

Sarah James, D.O.

Lezlie Painovich, D.O.

Mark Robinson, D.O.

Dodson Thompson, D.O.

Randal F. Wojciehoski, D.O.

Christopher Kordick, D.O., Resident Member

Zack Markman, D.O., Resident Member

Arthur Angove, D.O.; Trustee Emeritus

Education Committee

Sarah James, D.O.; Co-Chair

Amy Ewan, D.O.; Co-Chair

Ann Johnson, D.O.

Catherine Nelson, D.O.

Lezlie Painovich, D.O.

Samantha Tyler, D.O.

Legislative / Advocacy Committee

Randal F . Wojciehoski, D.O.; Chair

Arthur Angove, D.O.

Lenard Markman, D.O.

Leslie Markman , D.O.

Paul Searles, D.O.

AOA Delegates 2022

Art Angove, D.O.

Lucas Hammell, D.O.

Kelly McGregory, D.O.

Catherine Nelson, D.O.

Lezlie Painovich, D.O.

Dodson Thompson, D.O.

Tony Thrasher, D.O.

Membership Committee

Mary Jo Capodice, D.O.

Arthur Angove, D.O.

Megan Dudek, D.O.

Lucas Hammell, D.O.

Jamie Kling, D.O.

Catherine Nelson, D.O.

Lisa Reineke, D.O.

Student / Post-Graduate Committee

Lezlie Painovich, D.O., Chair

Mark Robinson, D.O.

Michael Van Abel, OMS-III

Maya Erfourth, Pre-SOMA (UW-Madison)

Patricia Cobb, Pre-Health Advisor, Emeritus (UW-Milwaukee)

Nominating Committee

Chaired by Past-President; appointments made when necessary

Bylaws Committee (ad hoc)

Chaired by President; appointments made when necessary

WAOPS Bylaws

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